Epson's "core" secret

Behind every beautiful replica watches, there are numerous delicate parts of the movement, interlocking, staggered operation, unique technology for movement and watch all look fantastic. Epson started to watch, stretching more than half a century of development, tabulation process continues to extend. From the beginning of the birth of the mechanical movement, to the quartz movement, and now wearable equipment technology movement, are hidden in a unique charm of the Japanese movement secrets. Craftsmanship Jiangxin interpretation of the beauty of mechanical movement Seiko Epson's history can be traced back to the 1942 establishment of the Daiwa Industrial Co., Ltd., mainly as the second sub-contract factory Seiko homes, in the manufacture of watches and clocks and watch parts manufacturing business. Adhering to the craftsman ingenuity, in 1946, to produce the first manufactured products - Ms. 5 watches. "Provincial, small, fine" technology interpretation of the beauty of quartz movement In 1959 the second fine homes changed its name to Suwa Precision House, began to carry out groundbreaking research and development of watches. In 1961 Seiko Epson Corporation was established as a division of the watchmaking division of the production division of Suwa Seiko. The company's continuous adjustment to further promote the development of watchmaking technology, "provincial, small, fine" technology is the source of Epson's technological advantage. In the quartz watch development process Epson continue to innovate, making the quartz clock size changes, precision continues to increase. Epson's "core" secret Which 1969 release of the Seiko Quartz Astron 35SQ quartz watch, accuracy of up to 0.2 seconds / day, which shocked the world's watchmakers. The replica watches uk to further consolidate its position in the history of watches, for users to bring a smaller thinner quartz watch experience. Epson's "core" secret Semiconductor and crystal technology has become the pioneer of wearable devices The great success of quartz watches makes semiconductor and crystal device technology possible. Epson independently developed and manufactured with lower power semiconductor and crystal devices, to reduce size and reduce costs, and lay the foundation for the emergence of wearable equipment. In 1973, the first digital watch with LCD panel: Seiko quartz LC V.F.A.06LC, for the future appearance of television watch technology laid the foundation. Epson's "core" secret In 1982 the TV watch, a new information era of innovative products, has become a pioneer in wearable products. Epson's "core" secret Sophisticated sensing technology brings the spring of sensing devices watches Epson adhere to the "challenge and innovation," the spirit of the tabulation process in the pioneering and innovation. Through unremitting efforts, through the combination of superb quartz crystal and semiconductor technology and tracking information (such as action, location and signs of life) the ability to develop high-precision sensors for the emergence of sensor devices to bring the spring watch. Epson in the 20th century, 90 years of life signs in the sensing technology research has made gratifying achievements. Improved pulse tracking over the next 20 years. In 2012, released a simple, low-power RUNSENSE GPS sports rolex replica, and has a highly accurate GPS tracking capability to automatically measure the distance and running speed. Epson's "core" secret Epson's combination of high-precision sensing technology and data mining has led to a healthy, safe and comfortable lifestyle from the vast collection of data. Epson "core" the essence of technical secrets Epson has experienced more than half a century of development, through several upgrades, the time required to improve the accuracy, only today's success. I believe in tabulation on this road, Epson from the "core", brave forward, has been a witness to time.