Epson RUNSENSE sports watch to create a new scientific movement

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, maintaining a healthy sense of growing, and the threshold of running low, as people keep fit one of the common ways. As a result of running a wide range of people's favorite, a variety of running events after another. Light marathon, this year has registered more than 200 games, next year is expected to break through 300 games. Marathon in urban roads or special areas held, whether professional athletes or amateurs, can enjoy the sweat in the marathon. Known as the super marathon cross-country running more difficult, more occurred in the mountain field, close to ten hours of the game, so that runners and nature enjoy contact Epson RUNSENSE sports watch to create a new scientific movement The recent week turns a few events held in the "marathon golden period" is almost over. However, there are always some "sudden death", "fainting" and other negative news. Cross-country running in the inaccessible wild, in the event of an accident, the consequences could be disastrous. Originally, modern life and work pressure, running the body was originally a good exercise exercise, how about what has become a dangerous thing? Appropriate exercise, is conducive to swiss replica watches good health, but the amount of exercise if more than his body can withstand the range, really can not be considered a good thing. Everyone has had to climb the stairs Hu Chi with asthma, the heart pounding and jumping fast situation. Occasionally a climbing floor, because the duration is short, healthy young people may not be a big deal, but the marathon and cross-country running is not the same, and frequently 4-5 hours or even ten hours, the body has been maintained High-load operation, if not their physical condition has been monitored, is likely to occur unexpectedly. Epson RUNSENSE sports watch to create a new scientific movement Exercise is generally measured with exercise intensity and duration. Duration is better understood, refers to the duration of exercise, while the exercise intensity is slightly more complex. In general, exercise can be a direct indicator of the intensity of oxygen uptake, such as climbing stairs when the breath with breathing just reflects the oxygen uptake. However, the amount of oxygen intake is not easy to monitor in real time, it is generally easier to use real-time monitoring of heart rate to measure exercise intensity. When we step 2-3 steps to climb the stairs when the heart will be throbbing to accelerate the beat, indicating a significant increase in exercise intensity, but also confirms the high exercise intensity is the heart rate value of the principle. There are many ways to measure heart rate, common methods are manual counting and heart rate measurement. Manual counting and chest belt heart rate measurements have brought inconvenience to movement, are not the replica watches uk best choice for sports enthusiasts tools. Over the past two years the emergence of a photoelectric heart rate watch has become a more simple and convenient choice, it is measured with a photoelectric module heart rate value, and sports watches integrated with very convenient to use. Epson's RUNSENSE photoelectric heart rate watch GPS function and optical heart rate monitoring function has become increasingly accurate. Epson RUNSENSE sports watch to create a new scientific movement (Figure: RUNSENSE SF-850) RUNSENSESF-850 super horse-level photoelectric heart rate GPS movement watch on the use of Epson's independent research and development of dual-sensor, dual-filter, can accurately measure the runner's heart rate value. At the same time with the type of strap design allows the heart rate sensor on the back of the dial more comfortable fit the wrist, bid farewell to the heart rate bandage, making RUNSENSE SF-850 real-time heart rate measurement accuracy compared to 99%. And can also customize the heart rate warning interval, that is, when the heart rate exceeds a certain value to remind athletes to control exercise intensity, for the health and safety of sports escort. At the same time, RUNSENSE SF-850 equipped with a self-developed high-performance GPS sensor chip for the rolex replica runners to provide high-precision running track data, accurate control of immediate speed. In the case of high-precision GPS and real-time heart rate monitoring at the same time, RUNSENSE SF-850 supports up to 20 hours super horse battery life. In addition, RUNSENSESF-850 also has all-weather health data management features, record the wearer steps, mood, sleep, calories and other data to help users understand their heart health, sleep quality, fat burning fat and other information, all-weather intimate management. Epson RUNSENSE sports watch to create a new scientific movement As a running enthusiast, one can accurately record the trajectory, to provide accurate heart rate, pace, with the speed of sports watches and other data is ideal for normal running. The Epson RUNSENSESF-850 can not only meet the basic needs of the above, but also with a wide range of training models and professional APP for data synchronization and sharing. In short Epson RUNSENSE SF-850 is a cover daily exercise, marathon, cross-country running and other aspects of multi-functional sports watch, can help the sports crowd scientific exercise, prevention of sports accidents, physical and mental health. All health enthusiasts should be vigilant, sports and fitness must not be blind, blind exercise will make people tired, and even health hazards. Only the scientific movement can make people become spirit positive and healthy, and cultivate a scientific and healthy way of life requires a wide range of reasonable cooperation. Can be real-time monitoring of sports health, different circumstances under different guidance programs, scientific and orderly way to build health science movement RUNSENSE movement watch for the scientific movement has brought a new way.